Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day Six December 2, 2008

I decided I needed the date on each post.

We were up early again this morning and took our time leaving the Palm View Resort. We trusted the GPS to get us just 18 miles down the road but one little road was changed and took a little jog that GPS (here's Chuck trying to figure out where we were)didn't know about so we had to turn on the laptop and use Rand McNally to help us out. We found the place around noon and chose our site on one of the canals. There's over 500 sites here! Two club houses, one family and one adult only, two pools, one family and one adults only, mini golf, horse shoes, pool tables, crafts, line dancing, live music, water aerobics and the list goes on. I may try the line dancing in the morning at 9:30. always wanted to do that.

We took a ride into Menifee looking for folding lawn chairs but didn't find any. We ate supper at Panda Express and got the car washed. We're back in the motorhome and resting. We feel so tired tonight. I think I'll come back tomorrow and download some photos of our day but at least you know we're here and safe.

You'll have to go back to the day I put the geese video on the blog. This time it worked but it's the longer one. I thought I was downloading the shorter one so you don't have to watch the whole boring thing. It's about 2:41 minutes.

Heading out now to go line dancing!

December 4, 2008

Switching to the date instead of the day. Easier that way.

Yesterday, I did get to the linedance class and did well in the beginner portion the first hour but pretty much sat out during the advanced. Today I'll go back for the first hour only.

After line dancing yesterday, we went to WalMart and found some chairs. Not the kind we wanted but at least we can sit outside now and enjoy the outdoors. I hate staying inside so much. We had Zatarans with sausage for supper and then we sat outside till it got dark. Not much on TV so I played around on the laptop and it was beddy by time around 10pm.

Now, today, December 4th, we were up early and I'm making cornbread pancakes. I'll need to take a shower and get to linedancing in about two hours. While I'm dancing my toes off! Chuck is running to get some kind of cable so we can get local channels with our antenna. What a guy, huh? I'll try to download more photos but don't think the gals in the linedancing class would like me taking pictures there.

Back later with some pictures.....might start adding to the blog everyother day. Not much interesting happening the next few days. When we get back on the road, thing'll get more interesting.

Day Eight

December 4, 2008

Did I miss day seven? So busy and so much to do!