Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009 Wednesday

Chuck's cold lasted a couple days past New Years Eve. We went to a dinner and dance at the RV resort and he did well although we did get back home early and didn't stay till midnight.

Here's Yuma Lakes RV Resort

That was a very nice, huge RV park with a few activities I enjoyed to partake in but I didn't participate as much at this park as the others. Chuck and I did a lot of walking in the cool evenings. The resort was so big you could stay inside the park and walk for an hour. Did I put a picture of this RV park on the blog?

We actually did a lot while in Yuma along with buying a new rig!! Don't ask! LOL But it's wonderful! Its a 40' Alfa, 2005 very modern and much bigger than the one we came down in. Chuck's having a great time driving it as it's so much easier than the 34'. It's the airbags and the Freightliner chassis. The airbags are underneath on the suspension. We're loving every minute of it.

Boy we did so many awesome things on this trip from visiting the Capistrano mission, visitng the beautiful city of Riverside, all the great Mexican restaurants we ate at, Algadones, Mexico, we made a couple trips down there, and all the wonderful people we met in every resort and we can't forget Shirley and her husband whom we met in Algadones, the Yuma Territorial prison tour, Quartrzsite, all the flea markets and the endless vendor tents, dancing and karaoke! All memories we'll never forget. Good bye Arizona! See ya next year!

Here's a photo or two of the Yuma Territorial Prison:

Here's a photo of Frank and Pixie. They're excited about getting home, too. Frank can't wait to run the length of the house. He hasn't been able to run since we left. Doesn't seem like it but we'll have been gone for over 7 weeks! Can't wait till next year.