Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008 Con't

After our trip to the dam and WalMart, we had dinner and a couple beers at the bar. Had a great time with some of the other snowbirds. There's so many nice people here; so friendly.

We took in the little craft sale the resort has every Saturday. We bought a really super nice potato peeler! Yes, a potato peeler! I really needed one badly and this one is a beaut! I should take a picture of it. We went for a roast beef dinner in the clubhouse. You wouldn't believe the huge portions they gave us. We could have and should have split an order. It was only $6 a plate! Had salad, dinner roll, mashed potatoes, green beans, the extremely tender beef and a brownie or carrot cake for dessert.

Sunday, yesterday we went to Lake Havasu City to see the bridge. We had lunch at Taco Bell. I had such a craving for their tacos. Here's some photos of the bridge. It was brought here piece by piece, the pieces numbered so it could be reassembled properly, in 1971. The high bidder was Robert P. McCulloch of the McCulloch Oil Corporation and saws. It spans a manmade channel. His master plan was to develop a community on the Colorado River. He succeeded.

We stopped at the swapmeet or flea market at Lake Havasu city and found a few things for Christmas and a 8 pound bag of navel oranges for $3.00! What a buy. I found some magnets as souveniers and one of the vendors gave me a Santa ornament. It's the only Christmas decoration we have except for a paper star I made! LOL

When we got back, we heard singing up at the bar around 4pm. It was karaoke night; so we went up to watch the fun. After a couple beers, even I sang! I did a Dixie Chick's song....Goodbye Earl. It was very popular and many were signing right a long with me. So fun. I've never done that before and don't know if I ever will again but it sure was a fun evening. The bar always closes around 6pm so we came back home for something to eat and watch some TV. Wish I had pictures of our fun at the bar but don't.

Today we found the post office. I was needing to send Ethan, my grandson, a Christmas present. The line wasn't too bad for being the busiest PO day of the year. Sent out a few cards but not many this year.

Tonight there's no dinner in the clubhouse but the bar opens for Monday night footbal and will be serving hot dogs, chili dogs, mini pizzas and popcorn! I think the hot dogs are only $1! We may go and we may not. He can watch the game here and I don't need anymore beer!

I have to put a picture of Peachy and Pixie on the blog since Frank has been pictured a few times. The first one is Peachy.

This is Pixie

December 15, 2008 continued

OK,yesterday we went back to Lake Havasu to see the London bridge.

December 15, 2008 Monday

I haven't been able to get Google to upload photos and posts for me over the weekend. I'll try this morning.

A few days ago, the last warm day here, we took the little boat out on the Colorado River. There's several manmade channels with beautiful homes build right up to the water. None had any beach area as you can see in the photos.

About Saturday night we had the most beautiful sunset....

This Emerald Cove is such a huge RV park. There's over 800 sites. Here's a view of part of it from the River.

We have no idea what Frank was doing here? Looking at himself in the mirror maybe?

Here, he fell asleep on the dash.

A couple days ago we went to Parker Dam. The dam created Lake Havasu, which is a huge beautiful lake.

That was a fun day we went to Lake Havasu City and to get there you had to drive on the dam.

Think I'll start another page for the next few days.