Monday, December 1, 2008

Day Three


The park was great with nice grounds and a few trees between each site. TV was good but couldn't get the local channels like ABC, CBS and NBC. We're learning and hopefully will get the it figured before too long. He went to watch TV in bed and it was lights out for him around 9pm. I stayed up and had some popcorn and watched "Must Love Dogs" but fell asleep with just 15 minutes left of the movie. Missed the ending. It was a cool night for sleeping.

This morning we had our coffee and showered.

We were going to check out a craft sale in the town of Orland at their fair grounds but it didn't start till 10am so we decided not to go. We headed out instead at about 9am stopping for gas and a photo.
Went through Sacramento and took a picture (see below)..........stopped for lunch south side of
Stockton in a rest stop.

The rest stops are getting fuller and fuller the farther south we go. We plan to stop two down the road so hopefully we can get a spot for the night before it gets overcrowded.

Play time during a lunch break at a reststop.

We had to find a WalMart for some cookies............

And one of our stops for gas........this was in Orland, CA, wave to Grandpa! Tyler and Conner!

Gas at home was $1.94 and along the way, we've paid $1.78 and $1.87.

We stopped at the rest stop we had planned to spend the night but there were signs all over the place saying no overnight stays so we found a resort in Coalinga, CA called Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park. Very friendly nice place. We have the satelite all set up and we're watching the Civil War football game on TV. Ducks, Oregon University vs Oregon State being played in Corvallis, OR. The Ducks won against a team that was one game away from the Rose Bowl! Yea! Ducks!

We're snuggly warm, had our reuben hotdogs and watching the game. We have a few movies we may hook up the DVD player and watch one tonight.

Frank and Pixie are doing very well; sleeping all day. Frank likes to watch the birds out the window. Peachy seems to enjoy traveling, too. (Peachy's our little love bird) I'll have to put a picture of him on the blog tomorrow.

More tomorrow.......