Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24, 2008 Merry Christmas EVE!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! The best to all of you in the New Year!

You can barely see it but there's a Merry Christmas sign in the window, up high!

Quartzsite is known for the thousands of RVers that hit this little city and do what's called boondocking. That means just parking in the dessert with no amenities! No water, electricity, etc. Also called drydocking. I tried to get a few photos but we are a little early to see the thousands. They are starting to come into the town now and in a couple weeks, there'll be thousands.

Here's just a few of the hundreds of vendors that are set up in Quartzsite along all the streets. We took these pictures as we were going through town on our way to Wellton, AZ to our next resort where we'll be for a week.

The first one is Wellton main street and here's what the homes look like in Wellton, AZ and most of AZ.
We're only about 30 miles from Yuma. There's not much to do around here in Wellton so we went to Los Algadones, Mexico today. We parked the car in Anrade, California and walked into town. Which is like crossing the street!

One of the shops. This is where we ate breakfast.

These are some yummy crispy things they served with salsa for breakfast. Turned out to be pork rinds.

Some of the shops in Los Algadones, Mexico

Couldn't resist taking this close-up of some glass stars.

We found a plaster factory going on behind some of the shops. They seemed to store all the plaster ware on the roofs and there were lots of roofs covered with these statues and figurines.