Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5, 2008 Friday

I didn't get any photos posted yesterday so here's some of the resort we're at.

Last night we sat around a camp fire with the neighbors. We didn't get to bed as early as usual so were a little tired today. The plan was to take a ride to Riverside but decided to stay around and just relax and maybe catch up on some sleep. Since were going to be around, I went ahead and went to line dancing. When I came back to the RV, Chuck thought it would be fun to go to the beach and see the ocean. We took the route that took us through San Juan Capistrano which looked really interesting so decided to stop for lunch and take in the tour of the mission. Very interesting and educational and we really enjoyed it.

This is the chapel.......just beautiful!

There was an earthquake in the 1800s that destroyed the church. I took a few pictures of what remains.

It got a little late so we didn't make it to the ocean beaches. We'll try again another day.

December 5, 2008 Friday

Ok, no pictures yesterday so I'll add some here and might go back and add some there.
Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Don't know where I left off yesterday but what we did was sit next to a great campfire with the neighbors. We were out there from 7pm till almost midnight. Meeting people is a small part of it but definitely a part of it.

Here's Chuck relaxing before sitting by the fire.

Ok, this morning we got up a little later and had decided to not do anything today but stick around and relax; maybe catch up on our sleep. I went ahead and went to line dancing at 10 and got back here about 11:30. A lady had brought in cookies so I sat around and chatted for a few minutes while the advanced class continued. I decided there's no need to torture and frustrate myself and try to learn the advanced dances since I won't be here much longer anyway and will only get in about two more classes. I'm not sure there's line dancing at the resorts we're planning on visiting in the next 5 weeks.

Around noon, Chuck decided it would be fun to go see the ocean and beaches. We're only about 100 miles away, if that. So we took the easiest route and headed west. We went through San Juan Capistrano and saw the mission so decided to visit that and have a little lunch. We had some authentic Mexican which we both liked a lot. Anyway, the mission was a self-guided audio tour. We held a little speaker thing to our ear, we each had our own and went through the mission and saw the original church that was destroyed by an earthquake back in the 1800s.

We really really enjoyed the tour but spent too much time in San Juan Capistrano so didn't make it to the ocean. We have three places yet we want to see and that's the ocean,Riverside and Mount Rubedu, not sure that's how it's spelled but we were engaged outside of Riverside in Sunny Meade back in 1964 and we enjoyed a day in Riverside and Mount Rubedu. Kind of nostalgic for us/