Friday, November 28, 2008

The Odessey Begins

Novwember 27, 2008 Thursday and Turkey Day!!

Well, we finally got everything loaded; food, clothes, the kitchen sink and all the pets. We hit the road a little early on Thursday, Thanksgiving morning. We were headed for a wonderful turkey dinner with Jen, Dan and the boys in their Kelso home. We were pretty much on time despite the bad traffic. We arrived around noon. Jen is a very cook and managed to keep everything hot while waiting for us. We had a delightful time and it was back down the hill to our waiting RV, pets and car. We were on our way. The odyssey began around 2:30pm turkey day!

We decided on a rest stop for our first night just outside of Eugene, Oregon. It was an unusual rest stop and parking was at a premium but we were early so were able to park first in line so we could make our escape anytime we wanted without having to wait for someone else to leave or asking someone to move so we could get out. A huge tree blocked the signal for DirecTV. Soooooooo,we decided to read. Didn't take long and reading put us to sleep at 8:00pm! We were both awake around 4am and then got up about 5am. have been needed after so work and worry about just getting ready to go. It felt really good.