Friday, December 19, 2008

December 19, 2008 Friday

It's been since Monday night that I wrote. We didn't go to the Monday night football party at the bar. We decided he'd watch the game here and I think I watched TV or read my book.

Tuesday morning, still at Emerald Cove RV Resort, I went to line dancing. When I got back to the RV, he had it all ready to go. We were leaving that park for the next one in Ehrenberg, AZ. It was only about 40 miles away so it didn't take long.

We found this park, Colorado River Oasis and found it to be very nice, clean and fun things to do in the clubhouse. That afternoon and evening we just kind of got used to our new surroundings.

Wednesday morning I went to the clubhouse for aerobic walking for an hour. Really nice ladies and a fun hour. After that and lunch, we decided to make a quick trip into Quartzsite, AZ. If you've never heard of Quartzsite, AZ, it's a place where the population changes from 2100 residents to 100,000 RVers starting about now or January till well into March. If you google Quartzsite, you'll see awesome pictures of the thousands of RVs boondocking on BLM land all around Quartzsite. It's amazing. The day was very very rainy so none of the vendors were open. I guess that afternoon and early evening, they got so much rain, the booths were a foot deep in water.

Thursday, yesterday, I went to aerobic walking again for an hour in the morning. When I got back, we went to Q again as the rains had stopped and the sun was actually trying to peek through the clouds. It was way more fun with the vendor booths open. There's got to be hundreds of them. We spent several hours walking through and in and out of all the booths on one side of the street. We found dried fruit and some nuts, local oranges and grapefruit. What a yummy find! It was a very nice day but our feet really hurt and there's still many more vendors to see.

Nothing exciting happened last night.........OH, I went to the clubhouse to play pokeno which is a form of bingo. I think I came home with more money than I left with but not sure. It isn't an excitingly fun game but it wasn't bad.

This morning, Friday, I went to aerobic walking again and afterwards we had another list of things to get from the store so made a trip to Blythe, which is closer than Quartzsite, to find a Christmas decoration. I've been making paper stars but we decided we needed a little more.

This afternoon Chuck washed the RV and I made my paper stars. This evening I'll go to card bingo. At 4:30 is happy hour but Chuck doesn't want to go so we'll probably eat some leftovers here and watch some TV. I finished another book so can start another one. The sun is shining beautifully today and it's not raining!! It's someplace in the upper 50s with no wind! I hope the weather improves a little bit more everyday. We need to get back to Quartzsite to finish the rest of the vendor booths and a sunny day would be nice.

That's about it and I think that catches you up on what we've been doing. Not too exciting!

This is a picture looking down the road from our site inside the resort.