Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day Five

Perris, California
Palm View RV Park

After our day of LA traffic we made our way to Perris and thanks to the GPS, we found Palm View RV Park. Not a beautiful park but it's where we'll call home for two days. Driving in, and only a couple miles out, we started to smoke really bad out the back end. We stopped, waited for it to cool and moved on down the road. We leaked transmission fluid all the way to our resting place.

We settled in for the night, hooked up the satelite dish and enjoyed our evening here. Everyone seemed a little red neck but everyone is very nice. After a night of hearing a rooster and coyotes, we were up around 6:30. Someone broke a water spigot last night so we didn't have any water but our own and it was back on this morning.

After breakfast, we went for a ride into Perris to WalMart for a few things we needed. Found almost everything. Found a grocery store. They sell liquor in the grocery stores here so we bought some gin for martinis and some tequilla for some margaritas. Very very Spanish grocery store with lots of spanish food products.

Back at camp, he refilled the transmission fluid and things seem to be A-okay. No leaks. We walked around the resort and I took some pictures and even took a video of the geese. Not sure I should put that in this's 2:41 minutes and maybe too long? I'll put it onit's own page maybe.

Someone melted in the heat.........

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Day Five page II Geese Video

This is the long one and I thought I downloaded the shorter one so you don't have to go all the way to the end. TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!

There was one goose that was running loose and he came at my feet. I guess the worst thing you can do is jump back away as it makes the goose come at you furiously! I did and he did. I had to grab him by the neck to stop him! Quite scary. It would have made a good Funniest Home Videos.