Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Four

Sommerville Almond Tree RV Resort

This morning we woke up to a chilly 44 degrees but the little heaters were keeping up pretty good. A quick shot of the furnace and it's toasty warm in here. We're at the Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park. Chuck walked over to the AM/PM but they had no newspapers. He really misses his morning paper.

The sky is clear and the temp is supposed to be 70. We'll be heading out soon for Perris, CA where we'll stay at the Palm View RV Park. Right now we're heading out about 9:30am or so.

Stopped for gas in about Wasco, $1.89 a gal. Not too bad. Doable. Very very foggy for some reason but pleasant temp here. Lots of traffic and 4 gas stations are busy busy. Long lines at the pumps.

The day was kind of hairy! Going around LA, sort of, even using a GPS and having someone telling you what to do and when, isn't all that great. "Take the next left and in 900 feet take a right!" Do you know quickly 900 feet comes up in a 34' motorhome pulling a car in LA traffic?! FAST! So the GPS rerouted us down into town and around. We don't even know what we did but it got us back on track.

The next photo is of Piramid Lake and LA traffic.

We found our way to our RV park for tonight and possibly tomorrow night. We will do a little driving around tomorrow and it'll be nice to not have to pack up and move on again for a couple days.

A day in the life.........