Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7, 2008 Sunday

Yesterday, the 6th, we went to Riverside, CA. It was only about 30 miles away! We parked so we could walk around the old part of town; the part we remembered we walked 44 years ago. Boy, has it changed but the old buildings are still there and so are the beautiful arches. We got engaged in Sunny Meade just a hop skip and a jump from Riverside and we celebrated with a nice dinner in Riverside so it is a special place to us.

We stopped for a latte in a little shop, took photos, walked around and had a fun time.

We took lots of photos. Here's the arches we remembered. We were so happy they were still there. They happen to be part of an old beautiful historical hotel. They had lots of beautiful Christmas decorations up.

We went into a historical museum and learned a lot about Riverside. Seems arches were very popular way back when.

Then we decided to go find a park and have our picnic lunch. I had made some sandwiches and brought some chips, pop, cheese, etc. We bought some hummus and very fresh wonderful pita bread in town at one of the booths set up in the center of market place. There was lots of fresh fruits and vegetables being sold.

We had to drive quite ahwile to find a nice shaded park. We wanted to go to the park on Mount Rubadoux but you can no longer drive up there and the hike up didn't appeal to us in the heat. We found the park after driving around for awhile but the only picnic table there had someone sleeping on it!

Here's a picture of the train depot I came in at back in 1964. It's no longer used as a train depot and has offices there now.

Today, the 7th, we didn't do much. We woke up so some tiny little visitors......little red ants! Marching around the sink and all over the counter. We cleaned them up and then had our coffee, read the newspaper and listened to Elvis' Christian music CDs. Breakfast was black forest ham, eggs easy over and toast. Football was on so he watched that while I played around on the laptop. Later in the day we went to Albertsons for some ant spray and some beer and pretzels.

Supper was popcorn and more football but later Amazing Race and Brothers and Sisters comes on. I caught up on all my shows by watching the episodes I missed on the laptop.

That catches me up. I'll be back in a day or two. We'll still be here tomorrow and we leave Tuesday. I have line dancing again tomorrow.